Floor Refinishing Rochester, NY

Restore your floors to their original beauty!


Bathtub Made New is also Rochester, NY's premier hardwood floor refinishing company! Whatever your flooring needs, our team can help you bring the warmth of your wood back to your home. You will be floored by our professionalism and passion to restore your floors to their original beauty.

“We are committed to providing all of our customers with the best quality and unsurpassed service. My team and I are looking forward to earning your business and adding to our family of raving fans.”
~ Michael Marciano/Owner, Bathtub Made New

Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Easier Than Replacing
85% Dustless Refinishing Process
No Demolition or Permits
More Affordable Than Replacing
Less Time to Complete
Increases Value To Your Home


  • A wide selection of quality hardwood flooring stains and finishes.
  • The latest technology in finishing equipment for DUST-FREE SANDING.
  • The highest quality materials installed by skilled Floors Made New professionals.
  • Accurate, timely and efficient installations.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed!


Our Floors Made New team has implemented a specific process to ensure that each home we visit receives the same high quality and service. Upon arrival, our lead refinisher will go over the process with you to ensure the specifics of your project are correct with your original estimate before we begin.

This will also be the best opportunity to make our team aware of any stains, possible damage, or areas of concern that could be affected by masking, sanding, or refinishing. Even though our process is considered virtually dustless, a little should be expected. Our vacuum dust equipment in combination with our clean up steps does limit the dust as much as we possibly can.


  • We start the refinishing process by sealing off the area with blue masking tape and plastic film. Note: Surfaces like stucco and wallpaper cannot be taped over. At this time, our team will inspect the entire area to be refinished to be note any areas of concern.
  • Next we locate a 240 volt power source. This can be a stove plug, dryer plug, or panel box. Once this is located, our team can begin the sanding.


  • Our sanding process begins with a course cut from a Hummel (large belt sander), to flatten the boards, and remove top layer stains. All but a 6” border will be sanded by the Hummel.
  • To sand the perimeter, we use what’s called an edger, which uses disk shaped pieces of sandpaper to get close to the walls and trim.
  • Once the 1st sanding is complete, the entire space is inspected again for holes, cracks, or gaps between boards.
  • We then apply a wood filler to fill in those areas, which takes about an hour to dry before it can be walked on.
  • Sanding begins again with a finer grit of sandpaper which creates a smoother surface.
  • Floor is then inspected again, and anything still remaining will be removed by hand. Next we polish the entire surface to remove any marks left behind by the other machines. Now your floor is ready for clean up and to be refinished.


  • Finally! it’s time to refinish your floor. At Floors Made New, we apply three coats of our polyurethane finish.
  • In between each application we do a light sanding to ensure the finish is adhering to your floor.
  • You will notice that the wood will darken once the polyurethane is applied. Stains can be applied to make the floor darker, or different shades but needs to be discussed before we begin. We also offer oil and water based finishes depending on your needs. Please see below for additional information on oil vs. water based polyurethane finishes.


Our refinishing step usually requires 2 days, not including the time allotted for prepping and sanding.

At this point, our work is complete unless you’ve hired us to move your furniture back into the refinished areas.

The floor can usually receive light traffic the following day, we recommend at least 48 hours before moving furniture back onto the floor and a week for floor coverings such as rugs and runners.

Additional Notes:
  • Furniture moving before and after refinishing is not included in our square footage pricing, but is available for an additional fee. The Floors Made New team requires 72-hour notice, prior to your refinishing date, if furniture will need to be moved by our team.
  • Some paint touch-up work may be needed once the refinishing process is complete. Our team gets as close to your walls/trim without touching, however some flooring does not always allow for a clean line. Floors Made New does not include touch up work in the square footage pricing.
  • We do offer a variety of stains if you are looking for a specific shade or color. Please make discuss this option at the time of estimate so our team can prepare additional refinishing time and ensure we have your chosen color in stock.

Water-Based Polyurethane

  • Dries quickly, within 2 hours of applications
  • Low odor emissions
  • Easy cleanup, using just water
  • Preserves the color of the wood (clear finish)
  • More expensive than oil-based
  • Requires multiple coats
  • Because of fast drying time, difficult to correct mistakes
  • One-dimensional look
  • Less tough

Oil-Based Polyurethane

  • Slower drying time allows for corrections
  • More tough
  • Requires fewer coats
  • Imparts an amber glow, adding depth
  • Less expensive than oil-based
  • Long wait between coats (5-12 hours drying time)
  • Stronger odor (though VOC amounts have been drastically reduced in recent years)
  • Requires mineral spirits or a paint thinner for cleanup
  • Will darken over time

Restore your floors to their original beauty!